Hey! I'm Erik! ...and I'm the Chief Tech-Setter-Upper at TechSet!

...and the little guy in my arms is my puppy, Jack! Actually, he isn't a puppy any more, per se, but he will always be a puppy in my heart!


So what do I do and why do I do it?

By day, I am a Software Engineer, productively slinging code at a Milwaukee-area tech company. I love what I do and I love the company I work for! But on mid-afternoons, nights, and weekends, I morph into TechSet Man!...a very capable superhero, tasked with fighting tech-villians and all the frustrations they cause the good people of Wisconsin! Using my superpowers, I help individuals set up, learn, and master all the technology in their lives so they no-longer feel overwhelmed or confused by it. With just a few sessions, I help people use their tech rather than dread it, and get them set up living a TechSet life!

As the ranking tech guru in my family, I frequently recieved calls from people, like my mom or grandpa, asking if I can set up a tech gadget or help do "something" on a computer. You should see the "lightbulb" that "goes-on" when I perform the task or teach them how to do it [insert "ohhhhhh!!" sound here]. It's a magical feeling for them to be freed from the confines of a tech-frustration! So I thought, if I can easily help my family with their tech problems, there are probably others with similar problems I can help as well! ...and I was right...there are! Thus, TechSet Man was born!

Over the years, I have become very fluent in all-things-tech. As a self-proclaimed-geek since high school, I have countless hours of experience setting up gadgets from computers to smart homes and everything in between. I understand tech. As a Software Engineer, I literally speak its language. But where I really shine is helping others speak it as well. I excell in setting up my clients' tech so it "just works" and/or teaching them how to use tech rather than dread it. I love the feeling I get when I can set something up that magically works for them, or when they "see the lightbulb" and are no-longer frustrated! It gives us both a high!

My mission at TechSet is to solve all my clients' tech problems! ...and my goal is for my clients to never need my services again! One heck of a business model, huh?

Stop getting frustrated trying to figure out how to set up and manage your tech! Get in touch with me today and start living a TechSet life!